landscapes : remixed

The presented „landscapes:remixed“ are reflecting landscape photography and the relation between landscapes and the perception of their spaces.
The pictures assembled from single photos construct and design densified spaces - as possibilities of the landscapes they are based on, not as their depiction. The goal of the work is creating images of a concept/idea of the spaces, being on the move, report and illustration of ways, branchings, overlappings, simultaneities and events.
The perspectives are stretched, shifted and compressed into one picture frame to create the (simultanious image of the) scenery by dissolving the confines of a static space/time model while creating the image-space. The ephemeral single photos taken from different points of view within a particular landscape fracture the landscape.
Doing the construction - the remix - the single parts are interpreted anew: concepts, elements, characteristics, ideas, rhythms and the moving through the landscape are emphasized – conceiving and editing artificial spaces.
This „customized“ construction is created analogously to the selective perception of the observer and the thus impressed memory of the landscape/voyage.
The combination of the various vanishing points and the alignments of the different points (and times) from which the photos were taken from create a complex web of perspectives and overlappings:
simultaneous dynamic panoramas as possibilities of landscapes
the presented landscapes:remixed.