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Dynamic Panoramas


Like a metaphor from music is Georg Kuettinger’s explanation of the basis of his

work: as in music a piece is newly interpreted, so is a landscape, dissected into

individual pictures and then condensed into a picture with focus on singularities of

aspects, rhythms and sequences.

The artist fragments in order to construct. Multi-perspectivity and concurrency are

the paradigms that generate a new picture. Perception itself becomes a technique:

the momentum of perception is stretched and processed, coded or decoded on the

basis of the prevailing. Pictures are not unchained from time and space, but simply

reconstructed within generating their own system of coordinates.

The strength of these pictures lies in the relinquishment of ideological and aesthetic

manifestations and their allusion to the possibility of freedom and the freedom of a


Kuettinger moves on a borderline between (possible) picture and (objective)

landscape and transcribes his created and perceived reality. We can read the

various pictures like a novel on the possibilities of the availability of pictures and

their interpretation.


(excerpt from a press article, March 2009)